Best Way Glitter RIng Swim Tube - 46 inch Pool FLoat

Sale price$18.95


The H2OGO! Glitter Dream Swim Tube is brightening up summers across the globe. This shiny swim ring has updated features that make it stand out on the beach or at the pool. The swim tube is infused with silver-colored glitter that shimmers under the sun. It has a built-in comfortable headrest so you can relax out on the water. With 2 sturdy heavy-duty handles for gripping or pulling through the water, this swim tube is glamorous, savvy and fun. It is the perfect accompaniment for pictures, birthday parties or Instagram. This swim tube will shine bright as a star in the waves and catch the eye of everyone at the beach. Easy to inflate, deflate and store this swim tube will keep you relaxing all summer after summer. Relax, drift away, and dream of glamour and glitz on the Glitter Dream Swim Tube.

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