Double Sided Tape

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1 Pair Package comes with 2 Pieces of double-sided tape cut into the shape of the Shoe Bubble Orthotics.  

Although Shoe Bubble Orthotic Insoles are already adhesive, there are a few occasions in which double-sided tape can be helpful:

1. If the original adhesive on under-side of Shoe Bubble Orthotics eventually wears out, this tape can be used to give new life to an old pair.

2. For a more permanent, stronger adhesion to your shoes if you don't plan to move the Shoe Bubble Orthotics from one shoe to another.

3. Some types of materials (some synthetic fabrics and fuzzy suedes) have a lighter adhesion to the Shoe Bubble Orthotics than other types of materials - double-sided tape can be a solution for these types of shoe materials.

4. To attach Shoe Bubble Orthotics to the under-side of a full length or 3/4 length shoe liner or insole, you can use this double-sided tape on the top-side of the Shoe Bubble orthotics.

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