5 Rider Hand Plane 12.5" Plastic

Color: Green
Sale price$40.00


A professionally crafted handplane that was made by bodysurfers for bodysurfers! Who says bodysurfing has to be expensive? We wanted to make a professional board with an entry level price. Tuned to help you stay on a wave longer and with more control. Get pitted in barrels or just glide effortlessly on a shoulder while using our handplane. *All boards come with a free drawstring backpack!* Made from ABS plastic. Dimensions 12.5x8.5x.25
inches. Beginner-Advanced Riders
5 Rider is a handplane company out of San Diego, California. Motivated to find the most cost effective way to get the best ride, we originally used fast food trays to create a larger planing surface which gave us more control and lift on a wave. We decided to stick with plastic when creating our boards to insure a strong, and durable product that can hold up against the roughest of swells. Our cost effective boards are designed to give the most control and help you glide through the waves with ease.

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