AstroDeck Womens Brown Sandal Eva/Leather Sandal

Shoe Size: Medium
Sale price$29.95


Men's Sandal Shoe Size: Medium (6.5-7.5), Large (8-9), XL (9.5-10.5), XXL (11.5-12), XXXL (12.5-13.5). Multi-grid EVA Sandal, Non-Skid Traction Foot Bedding, Built-in Arch, Reliable Sure Grip Insole, New Buck Leather Strap
Herbie Fletcher's AstroDeck story "In 1976, I started playing around with a polyurethane elastomer foam, synthetic rubber, that when the skin was lightly sanded off exposed an open cell that acted like miniature suction cups that gripped your feet. Wow,

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